The University maintains records about students in hard-copy and computerised forms, both for internal use in connection with its academic programs, and for the completion of statistical reports to meet the requirements of external bodies such as the Department of Education and Training.

A student file is the official University file relating to a student, held on behalf of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Student DVC(S).

The file is maintained by Enrolment Services or stored in the University Archive, but does not include the computerised file which is held in the Student System.

One file is held for each student. A student file is destroyed 7 years after the year of last enrolment.

A student is entitled to have access to his or her student file.  Students who wish to view their file should make a request in writing to the Manager, Enrolment & Student Finance.

Information about a student or former student held by the University will not be released or revealed to any person (including relatives) or organisation without the written permission of the student except where the University is legally required to release such information.

Further information

Policy - Access to Student Information