A network of trained Equal Opportunity Contact Officers are located in all areas of the University.

Equal Opportunity Contact Officers receive regular training, guidance and support in the EO Grievance Procedures and informal complaints handling by the Manager, Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

The role of the Equal Opportunity Contact Officers is to provide confidential support and information to people involved in a complaint of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or bullying.

What do Equal Opportunity Contact Officers do?

Listen to staff and students at Flinders University who believe they are experiencing or who have been accused of discrimination, harassment or bullying and inform them on options available to resolve the matter.

When requested, support individuals throughout the resolution process. This may include discussing with the individual what they may wish to say or writing to the other person/s; accompanying the individual to speak to the other person/s; or accompanying the individual to seek guidance and/or assistance from appropriate persons or bodies within the University.

Promote behaviours that are respectful and inclusive in the Contact Officer's area of work by being a role model for the standards of behaviour expected of members of the University community.

Be a source of up-to-date knowledge of the University's Equal Opportunity policies.

Provide information to the Equal Opportunity Unit on issues in the Contact Officer's area of work related to discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Who are the Equal Opportunity Contact Officers?

Name Location Phone No. Email address
Cathy Abbott Biological Sciences 12078 cathy.abbott
Fiona Butcher Sturt Library 13274 fiona.butcher
Rhain Buth Flinders Law School 15293 rhain.buth
Didy Button Nursing and Health Sciences 13312 didy.button
Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes Sociology and Women's Studies 13133  yvonne.corcoran-nantes
Vanessa Dorshorst Information and Digital Services 15551 Vanessa.dorshorst
Kate Douglas English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies 12292 kate.douglas
David Hobbs Computer Science, Eng & Math 13167 david.hobbs
Meredith Legg Nursing and Health Sciences 7221 8234 meredith.legg
Sandra Marshall Science and Engineering 12132 sandra.marshall
Andy Messner Nursing and Health Sciences 7221 8209 andy.messner
Keith Miller Education, Psychology & Social Work 15619  keith.miller
Nathan O'Brien Science and Engineering 13130 nathan.obrien
Lisa O'Neill Equal Opportunity and Diversity 13735 lisa.oneill
Sophie Pointer

Medicine and Public Health; Mark Oliphant Building

17602 Sophie.pointer
Mandy Price Indigenous Strategy & Engagement 15627 mandy.price
Sherry Randhawa Computer Science, Eng & Math 15052 sherry.randhawa
Greg Raymond Flinders Northern Territory 8946 7547 greg.raymond
Damien Riggs Education, Psychology & Social Work 12786 damien.riggs
Eliza Schmerlaib Student Equal Opportunity Advisor 12118 studenteo@flinders.edu.au
Trudy-Ann Sweeney Education, Psychology & Social Work 13941 trudy.sweeney
Lily Xiao Nursing and Health Sciences 13419 lily.xiao