Terms of Reference

  • To monitor and review the implementation of the University's Disability Action Plan.
  • To develop and review policy regarding students and staff with disabilities.
  • To provide advice and recommendations to the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee and cost centres regarding: the implementation of the Disability Action Plan; and the provision of resources to students and staff with disabilities.
  • To report to Academic Senate through the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee on matters related to disability policy and the Disability Action Plan.
  • To make recommendations to the Director, Buildings and Property Division on the expenditure of the annual Buildings and Property disability budget.


  • Chairperson (appointed from within committee)
  • Directors of Academic and Student Services Division, Buildings and Property Division, Information Technology Services and Human Resources Division or their nominees
  • Manager, Equal Opportunity and Diversity or nominee
  • Disability Adviser (Executive Officer)
  • A staff member with a disability (appointed following a call for expression of interest)
  • Four students with a disability nominated by Disability Adviser
  • University Librarian or nominee  
  • All Faculty Disability Academic Advisers
  • Option of co-opting a member who is a specialist in the field of disability

Students and staff with disabilities may attend and have speaking rights.

Chairperson - appointed by calendar year, and may be reappointed for a further term.

Committee to meet 4 times per year.