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National Ally Conference 2016

Flinders Ally members attended the first National Ally Conference in June 2016.


International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHoT): Celebrating and Defending the Safe Schools program: Tuesday 17th May 12:00pm

Flinders Ally Network chose to support and awareness-raise about the work and role of the Safe School program, as its celebration of IDAHoT in 2016. A series of speakers talked about the work of the Safe Schools program from the perspective of teachers, researchers, parents and young people. The event was live-streamed to the super screen on the plaza, where student Queer Space held a free barbecue.  The video of the event is available for viewing.

A report by Flinders researchers on trans and gender diverse issues in South Australian primary education was released the same day.

Pride in Diversity

Flinders University has recently become a member of Pride in Diversity, and Allies will be working with our Pride in Diversity over the coming months to assess the University support and policies around LGBTIQ, and to put together a plan and actions to increase our support. Ishwar Singh is Flinders' Relationship Manager from Pride in Diversity.

If you would like more information about the Ally Network, Ally Training or our work with Pride in Diversity, please contact equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au.



Athena SWAN at Flinders 

Flinders University has been accepted into the Australian pilot of the Athena SWAN program run by the Science in Australian Gender Equity (SAGE) group of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).

Flinders is one of 32 institutions across Australia participating in the pilot, and will be part of the second 'tranche' to commence the program in 2016. To participate in the program, Flinders has accepted the ten principles of the Athena SWAN charter:

The Athena SWAN charter

1. We acknowledge that academia cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of all.

2. We commit to advancing gender equality in academia, in particular addressing the loss of women across the career pipeline and the absence of women from senior academic, professional and support roles.

3. We commit to addressing unequal gender representation across academic disciplines and professional and support functions.  In this we recognise disciplinary differences including the particularly high loss rate of women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

4. We commit to tackling the gender pay gap.

5. We commit to removing the obstacles faced by women, in particular, at major points of career development and progression including the transition from PhD into a sustainable academic career.

6. We commit to addressing the negative consequences of using short-term contracts for the retention and progression of staff in academia, particularly women.

7. We commit to tackling the discriminatory treatment often experienced by transgender people.

8. We acknowledge that advancing gender equality demands commitment and action from all levels of the organisation and in particular active leadership from those in senior roles.

9. We commit to making and mainstreaming sustainable structural and cultural changes to advance gender equality, recognising that initiatives and actions that support individuals alone will not sufficiently advance equality.

10. All individuals have identities shaped by several different factors. We commit to considering the intersection of gender and other factors wherever possible.

Further information on the pilot can be found here.

Should you have any questions or wish to engage further with the program, please contact Dr Brodie Beales.


Racism. It Stops with Me.

Flinders has signed up to the National 'Racism. It Stops with Me' campaign coordinated by the Australian Human Rights Commission.                              

Please contact equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au with your suggestions for activities or to find out more about activites supporting the Flinders pledge.




Safety & Respect at Flinders