Flinders University is committed to achieving equality of opportunity to education and employment and affirms the value of social and cultural diversity that is reflected in its community. Behaviour that makes you feel intimidated, humiliated or offended is contrary to this commitment.

Harassment comes in many forms.

Following are some examples of behaviour that is unacceptable at Flinders:

  • Physical: any form of physical aggression or violence, threats or intimidating behaviour, or unwanted physical contact.
  • Verbal: rudeness, sarcasm, spreading rumours, persistent teasing, shouting, repeated unconstructive criticism.
  • Procedural: unfair treatment, isolation, withholding information, unreasonable inflexibility in teaching and assessment methods.

You can discuss your situation with an Equal Opportunity Contact Officer. They can help you to explore options to address the situation and can advise you on the appropriate grievance procedure.

If the behaviour is motivated by one of the grounds listed in the University’s Equal Opportunity Policy and it is carried out by staff or students from Flinders, then it is a form of discrimination and can be addressed through the University’s Equal Opportunity Grievance Procedures.

If it is not motivated by one of the ‘grounds’ then it could be bullying or general harassment.

The University prohibits sexual harassment under its Sexual Harassment Policy. Sexual harassment is also prohibited under both Federal and State anti-discrimination legislation.