Michael Barber (previous Vice-Chancellor, centre) with Anne Hayes (left) and Andrea Rohde (right), two counsellors at Flinders University involved in developing the poster campaign. 


Flinders University is committed to achieving equal opportunity in education and employment and to a work and study environment free of unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying. Part of this commitment is to support staff who may be experiencing violence in their lives, in particular, women.

As part of our commitment, Flinders has run a poster campaign around the importance of men speaking out against violence against women. The first campaign was in 2007, an initiative of several counsellors within Health, Counselling and Disability. Four men drawn from the Flinders staff and student community were photographed and featured on posters with the caption 'Flinders men choose respectful relationships'.

The men who participated in the program were keen to be  part of a project that advocated developing healthy relationships based on good communication and respect. While the project was originally run in a American university having men on campus willing to participate was a fantastic opportunity to make the project locally relevant. The counsellors have already received feedback from students where they have been able to identify the men in the posters, and commented on how great it was to have Flinders men take a stand. The aim is to continue the project in the future widening the number of students who particpate. 

The University hopes the poster campaign and this website will raise awareness of the prevalence of violence against women and draw attention to the available resources for helping with domestic and sexual violence.

(We value your feedback on this website: please email comments to equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au)