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Equal Opportunity Online Workshops


EO Online is an interactive, equal opportunity online workshop for higher education employees.  It aims to assist Flinders in its commitment to achieving equal opportunity in education and employment and to a work and study environment free of unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying.


EO Online is organised into two modules.  All staff members are expected to complete Module 1 and Supervisors and Managers should also complete module 2.  At the end of each module you are asked to enter your details to confirm your completion of the module and a Certificate of Attainment will be emailed to you at your nominated address. 

As an approximate guide, each module takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, but it will depend on your familiarity with the content.

You can exit EO Online at any time.  When you come back you will automatically be returned to the last page viewed.

You are encouraged to re-visit EO Online periodically to refresh your knowledge, and to use the program as a resource when necessary.


Accessing EO Online

If you have any problems or questions about accessing EO Online, please contact the Manager, Equal Opportunity & Diversity on equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au or 8201 3735.