This following links provide important information on support structures available to new parents at Flinders.

Parental leave policy -  maternity, adoption, partner, antenatal and return to work.

On campus child care facilities - an overview of child care facilities available on campus.

Salary sacrifice - Parents using child care facilities at the Flinders University Child Care Centre are able to salary sacrifice child care fees.

Breastfeeding facilities
- Flinders University provides facilities to support breastfeeding mums.

Maternity Leavers' Forums - The Equal Opportunity Unit holds discussion forums twice a year for maternity leavers: as part of our commitment to assessing how Flinders’ policies and practices are working; and to identify what changes could be made to better support pregnant women at work and women who have returned from Maternity Leave.

Children on University Premises - Flinders' occupational health and safety guidelines, which refer specifically to the safety of children on campus.

Pregnancy and work - Information everyone should know.

Pregnancy and work: did you know? - information for pregnant women and their supervisors.