This Disability Action Plan (DAP), in conjunction with the Disability Policy, sets out the University’s approach to meeting its obligations and responsibilities under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992 and the associated Disability Standards for Education 2005.  The DAP takes account of the Universities Australia (formerly Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (AVCC)) Guidelines on Information Access for Students with Print Disabilities (November 2004) and Guidelines Relating to Students with Disabilities (May 2006) which were predicated on the following two key principles:

(i) that Universities will uphold academic standards such that students graduate with the requisite skills and knowledge associated with the degree conferred; and
(ii) that Universities provide students with disabilities with the opportunity to realise their academic and social potential and to participate fully in university life.


Consistent with the University’s commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive environment for people with disabilities studying and working at Flinders, and the Key Strategies embodied within Flinders University Strategic Plan 2016-2025Making a Difference: The 2025 Agenda, the DAP details strategies and defines success indicators within the context of the following six primary objectives:

Objective 1 – Encourage people with disabilities to apply for courses and provide appropriate facilities and services (The 2025 Agenda: People and Culture)

Objective 2 – Student and staff mental health and wellbeing is a prime consideration of the University, leading to the development of a Student and Staff Mental Health Action Plan (The 2025 Agenda: People and Culture)

Objective 3 - Equitable teaching and learning opportunities are provided to all students (The 2025 Agenda: Education, Research)

Objective 4 - Employment practices at Flinders are fair and equitable (The 2025 Agenda: People and Culture)

Objective 5 - The physical environment is inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities ( The 2025 Agenda: People and Culture)

Objective 6 - Information services and the virtual environment are inclusive of people with disabilities ( The 2025 Agenda: People and Culture)


 Implementation and Accountability

The Vice-Chancellor is the Responsible Officer for the University under the Act. Responsibility for coordination of specific strategies is allocated to the heads of relevant areas (Colleges, Portfolios) or other responsible officers. The role of the Unversity's Disabilty Committee is to oversee and monitor the implementation of the DAP by coordinating initiatives across the University, and in ensuring that the goals and strategies from the DAP continue to be aligned with the Univesity's Strategic Plan and College/Portfolio operational plans.