Objective 5: The physical environment in all locations where the University has a presence is inclusive of people with disabilites

Success indicators:

  • Student and staff satisfaction survey reults indicate improved satisfaction of students and staff with disabilites with regards to the accessibility of the built environment.
  • Inclusive design informs the development and refurbishment of physical facilities.
  • Access audits are undertaken and identified issues adressed within the life of the DAP.
  • Identifiable improvements in campus navigation for people with disabilites.
  • Enhanced provisionof accessible inter and intra campus travel facilites for people with restriced mobility.
Strategies Responsibility delegated to Targets Timeframe
Incorportate universal access improvements into the capital planning process Director, Buildings and Property

Nominate officer to take responsibility for disability access

Undertake periodic audits of the University's built environs and leased premises including residential spaces

Ensure universal access is an integral part of infrastructure planning

Provide a mechanism for the reporting of universal access barriers identified by staff or students Director, Buildings and Property Provide information and a mechanism, via the web, for staff and students who wish to report access barriers to Buildings and Property December 2013
provide accessible transport for people with physical disabilities Director, Buildings and property Provide access cabs for staff and students with a physical disability on campus Ongoing
Ensure appropriate evacuation procedures are in place for staff and students with disabilites and effectively displayed and promulgaged

Director, Buildings and Property


All spaces have Evacuation Procedures displayed at appropriate heights December 2015