Objective 6: Information services and the virtual environment are inclusive of students and staff with disabilities

Success Indicators:

  • Student and staff satisfaction survey results indicate improved levels of satisfaction of people with disabilities with regard to provision of Information services and accessibility of the virtual environment.
  • Development and implementation of an access strategy for the Flinders virtual environment.
  • Improved mechanisms for identifying new IT developments that assist people with disabilities.
  • Flinders web standards keep pace with agreed best standards.
  • Increased disability "user consultation" with regard to online developments.
Strategies Responsibility delegated to Targets Timeframe
Identify a senior staff member of Information Services as the responsible officer for the development, implementation and evaluation of disability services in Information Services, and promote the services of this officer Pro Vice-Chancellor (information Services) Officer identified and his/her identity promulgated to University community Ongoing
Continue to allocate and resource rooms/spaces within the libraries for use people with disabilities University Librarian/Associate Librarian Disability Service Rooms/spaces allocated-monitor level of demand Ongoing-Review rooms/spaces as demand increases
Develop a strategic and coordinated approach to the further development of an accessible online environment at Flinders

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Services)

Head, Digital Presence Services

Strategic plan developed with progressive targets set. Accessibility is a standing item on the agenda of the FLO Advisory Group  December 2015
People with disabilities are fully informed about access within the Flinders online environment and able to provide feedback  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Services) Web-based feedback facility inplace  December 2015
Staff and students have access to training and support in the development of accessible online environment and in the use of assistive technologies

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Services)

Director, Education ICT

Director, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Disability Service

Use of training modules monitored and modules reviewed  Ongoing
Ensure all future ICT Hardware and Application purchases include appropriate disability access criteria as part of the selection criteria as appropriate  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Services) Procurement processes include disability access criteria  December 2015
Course information and promotional material on the web is in accessible formats

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Services)

Head, Digital Presence Services

Course information and promotional material on the web reviewed and accessibility ascertained December 2015