Flinders supports breastfeeding mums!

Flinders University supports women who wish to breastfeed their babies after they return to work or while they are studying. Women are welcome to breastfeed their babies wherever they feel comfortable on campus. In addition, facilities are available for staff and students who need a private space to breastfeed or to express milk.

What is available?

All facilities can be used by staff and students.

The rooms listed below have:

  • Hand-basin and/or kitchen sink
  • Chair and table
  • Power point
  • Lockable door
  • The Medical School has a breastfeeding room with table and chair and power point and an ensuite bathroom

Fridges are located in staff common rooms throughout the campus. Students are welcome to store clearly labelled breastmilk in these fridges and should talk to staff in the school office for assistance. Staff can store clearly labeled breastmilk in their closest staff kitchen facilities. Information on storage of breastmilk can be found here.

The Health Service has nursing staff who may assist with queries around breastfeeding.

Lactation breaks

A staff member who is breastfeeding is entitled to regular breaks in paid time for lactation purposes.  Supervisors are required to provide reasonable flexibility for this purpose , and breastfeeding staff members should consider both organisational and personal needs when determining the timing of breaks.

Where do I go?

  • Sturt campus:Level 2 West Wing "Parenting Room" - armchairs, sink, hand washing basin, change table.
  • Student Hub: Level 0 near kitchen facilities
  • Tonsley: Level 0 next to toilets (x12297)

If you work on another site, please contact one of the people below, or email:- equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au  

Supervisors of breastfeeding employees

A checklist to assist better support your breastfeeding employee is available  Checklist for Managers Supporting Breastfeeding Employees (DOCX 144KB)  

Need more help?

  • Assistance with breastfeeding is available at the Health Service (8201 2118): Inez Shippey, BA RN Practice Nurse.
  • Other enquiries: Lisa O'Neill, Manager Equal Opportunity and Diversity (8201 3735)
  • For assistance with breastfeeding and returning to work or study please contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 mum 2 mum - 1800 686 268 or go to the website