Two community child care centres operate from the Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre sites at Bedford Park:

Flinders University Child Care Centre 

Flinders Medical Centre Community Child Care Centre

Another centre operates at Science Park:

Goodstart Early Learning Science Park

Most child care centres have a waiting list for new children. Depending on when you wish to return to work, you may need to put your name on waiting lists for child care centres even before your child is born.

When considering the locations of child care centres and putting your name on waiting lists, think about whether it will be more convenient for your child to be closer to home or closer to work.  It may open up more opportunities to consider all the possible options.

Once you are on waiting lists, make sure you follow up with centres on a regular basis - most centres suggest on a monthly basis.

Apart from child care centres, Family Day Care provides another option for child care.  Care is provided in a person's home, and providers are qualified educators of children - more information is at Family Day Care Australia. Information on Family Day Care educators in the southern area can be found through DECD Family Day Care Noarlunga and Southern Vales:

8343 6533 or 1300 551890