2012 - 13

Flinders University is one of only three South Australian organisations to be named as an Employer of Choice for Women by the Federal Government's Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA).

2013 is the 12th successive year that Flinders has received the citation - the scheme was introduced in 2001 and the University earned its first citation in the following year.

Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Barber is delighted by the University's consistently strong showing as an equal opportunity employer.

"The citation reflects a sustained effort of planning and implementation by staff at all levels, and the University is reaping the benefits in terms of a highly talented workforce," Professor Barber said.

Manager of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at Flinders, Ms Lisa O'Neill said that a range of progressive employment policies and practices put in place by the University contributed to the renewal of the citation.

"The criteria are quite stringent, and the fact that Flinders has yet again received the award speaks for the continuing commitment of senior management to create a workplace that recognises, develops and advances its women employees," Ms O'Neill said.  "An important requirement of this citation is that an organisation's CEO is to be the driving force behind this supportive culture, and I would like to acknowledge Vice-Chancellor Michael Barber for his championship and congratulate him on this achievement."

 (The Employer of Choice for Women citation will continue under the new Workplace Gender Equality Act - for more information visit WGEA).

Some of the programs and projects that have prompted Flinders' recognition are listed below - if you would like to know more or become involved, please follow the links or email equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au.

Additionally, if you are interested in becoming part of a support network for Academic Women who are considering or in the process of applying for promotion, please email equal.opportunity@flinders.edu.au. The other support networks supported by the Manager, Equal Opportunity and Diversity are the ALLY Network and the Equal Opportunity Contact Officer network.