Flinders W(H)IP Humanities Postgraduate Writing Lock-in

Humanities Postgraduate Student Writing Lock-in

The first Humanities Postgraduate Writing Lock-in will be held on Tuesday July 16th at 10am in the Humanities Building, Room 118. The session will run until 1pm when you are welcome to join us for lunch at Red Vines Café (near the Central Library).

What is a writing lock-in?
A three hour block where we get together, lock ourselves in a room and work independently on whatever we are currently writing.

Why participate?
The idea is that if we shut ourselves in a room together we will work solely on writing our thesis/research proposal/conference paper/journal article without distractions. Setting aside a small block of time exclusively for writing enables you to narrow your focus and get the words on the page. After each session you’ll come away with a chunk of written material as well as ideas to carry on with when you come back to your piece.

Will it work?
The writing lock-in takes its cue from research by the ThinkWell team who recommend writing in short bursts at peak times of productivity and alertness – for lots of people this is around the start of the day. ThinkWell’s Turbocharge Your Writing programme encourages us to:

  • Snack write, don’t binge write: writing regularly in short spaces of time increases productivity and output.
  • Write first thing: get your writing done before you become fatigued by all of those little annoying tasks that seem important to do before you can concentrate on writing.
  • Set a specific time to write: timetable your writing sessions and stick to them… no matter what! (Gardiner & Kearns, 20-24)

What to bring:
Your current writing project and any notes or materials you might need. There are computers available for use in room 118, or feel free to bring your laptop.

This is a busy time of year for most of us, so we’ve scheduled the lock-in during the mid-semester break to work in with your schedules.

PS: You can find Hugh and Maria’s books in the library. The one we’ve referenced here is: Gardiner, Maria and Hugh Kearns. Turbocharge Your Writing: How to Become a Prolific Academic Writer. Adelaide: Thinkwell, 2010.



- Flinders W(H)IP Humanities Postgraduate Writing Lock-in PAST SESSION (collapse)

Tue, 16 Jul 2013
10:00AM - 01:00PM
All day:
Flinders University, Humanities Building, Room 118, Sturt Road, Bedford Park, SA, 5042, Australia

  • Staff
  • Students
  • Researchers
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