If your query relates to payment issues, please contact the Banking & Receipting Office.  If you have an enquiry related to the fees associated with your enrolment or scholarships, please contact Flinders Connect or ring 1300 354 633.


The Financial Services Division assists the University to achieve its goals by providing quality financial services.

Key outcomes

  • Provide leadership to the University on financial management.
  • Provide a finance system to enable processing of financial transactions and creation of financial information.
  • Produce relevant, timely and reliable financial information to assist the University in the effective management of financial resources.
  • Manage the University’s cash and investments
  • Develop and maintain financial policies and procedures and internal control to facilitate the conduct of University business
  • Help ensure compliance with taxation and other financial legislative requirements
  • Help protect the University by managing its insurance program
  • Provide advice and assistance to the University community on financial and related matters.

Our Portfolio has adopted values.  A summary of the values are below:

Ownership and Pride
We encourage ownership and pride in all that we do by providing clarity and appropriately delegating responsibility.

Telling It Like It Is
We engage in regular, open honest and constructive two-way communication with each other and the wider University community.

Honesty and Integrity
We believe in acting with honesty and integrity at all times, and in doing the right things for the right reasons.

Thinking Beyond our Boundaries
Each day we make decisions that directly impact others.  At every opportunity we aim to add value and act understanding the consequence of our actions.

Valuing Our People
Our success hinges on the quality of our people, both as individual achievers and as part of a team.  We are committed to providing a high quality and fulfilling work environment that recognises and values the skills and commitment of our staff.

Enjoying and Celebrating our Success
Having fun and enjoying what we do, and celebrating our successes, is the context in which we carry out the other values.  We pursue our work with energy and passion, and acknowledge the great results achieved by the people around us.

Divisional office contacts

If you have a student related query on fee issues and scholarships contact Flinders Connect on 1300 354 633 or email flinders.edu.au/ask.

Chief Financial Officer: Mr Richard Porter B.Ec (Acc), CPA, MBA, GAICD
Tel: (08) (+61 8) 8201  3709
Email: richard.porter@flinders.edu.au

Director: Mr Daniel Flaherty FCPA
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2457
Email: daniel.flaherty@flinders.edu.au

Associate Director Budgets, Accounting and Treasury: Ms Kay Chesney FCPA, MBA
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 5904
Email: kay.chesney@flinders.edu.au

Associate Director Financial Risk Management and Compliance: Ms Rosanne Mavrantzas  FCPA
TeL (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2847
Email: rosanne.mavrantzas@flinders.edu.au
(Works: Monday, Thursday and Friday)
EA/OA: Mrs Linda Humphrys
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 3948
Email: linda.humphrys@flinders.edu.au

Divisional Office: Union Building, Level 0

Financial Services Organisation Chart (PDF 328KB)  

Refer the Functional Index for who to contact in Financial Services.

Records Management Financial Services (DOC 32KB)