Union Building, Level 0
Business hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri

General Enquiries: Sheenal Singh
Tel: (08) (+61 8) 8201 2486
Email: sheenal.singh@flinders.edu.au or


  • Providing a finance system to enable processing of transactions and provision of financial information.
  • Key finance contact with University finance related staff, disseminate and collect information.
  • Marketing the capabilities of the finance system to users of financial information and development of reports to meet the needs of managers and staff.
  • Maximising use of the system to use staff time more productively.
  • Providing procedures for use of finance system.
  • Training of users and help desk support.


Senior IT Applications Officer: Ivana Situm-Bancevic
Tel: (08) (+61 8) 8201 5258
Email: ivana.situmbancevic@flinders.edu.au 

IT Applications Officer: Vacant at Present
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2086

Assistant Accountant: Sheenal Singh
Tel: (08) (+61 8) 8201 2486
Email: sheenal.singh@flinders.edu.au