Union Building, Level 0
Business hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri 
Email general enquiries: grants.finance@flinders.edu.au

Queries about account balances, reports and specific transactions should in the first instance be directed to local accounts staff (Faculty/School/Department). For all other enquiries please refer to the relevant list of staff members below.

The Grants Finance Office is responsible for the financial administration of all research grants, special purpose funds and consulting funds, including:

  • establishing accounts
  • loading budgets where applicable
  • raising invoices for grant income
  • authorising funding for staff appointments
  • preparing financial statements
  • assisting with policy/procedure queries
  • monitoring overdrawn accounts
  • liaison with external funding bodies


Grants Accountant: Ms Carolyn Vicary
(Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law & Theology; Faculty of Science & Engineering; Portfolio and NHMRC grants)
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2235
Email: carolyn.vicary@flinders.edu.au
Note: Carolyn does not work Wednesdays

Senior Grants Finance Officer: Ms Sue Willmott
(Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences; Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2220
Email: susan.willmott@flinders.edu.au

Grants Finance Officer, URB accounts: Mrs Melissa Larsen
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2224
Email: melissa.larsen@flinders.edu.au

Grants Finance Officer, URB accounts: Mrs Kerry White
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2414
Email: kerry.white@flinders.edu.au
Note: Kerry does not work Tuesdays

Grants Finance Officer: Ms Lee-Anne Burton
Tel: (08) (+ 61 8) 8201 2304
Email: lee-anne.burton@flinders.edu.au

Grants Finance Officer: Gary Whyatt
Tel: (08) (+61 8) 8201 3529
Email: gary.whyatt@flinders.edu.au
Note: Works Wednesday, Thursday, Friday