Strategic Procurement

Union Building, Level 0
Business Hours: 9am - 5 pm Mon-Fri

The function of Strategic Procurement is to negotiate and help create a structure in which those people who obtain goods and services for the University get the best value for their time and money.

The University has appointed a number of preferred suppliers for a range of goods and services.  The purpose of these arrangements is to ensure as far as possible the best total cost impact at departmental level.  The total cost impact includes: price, transaction cost and risk. Where there is a preferred supplier for a class of goods and services, the University expects them to be used.

Until a new Procurement Manager appointment is made any queries or advice on procurement should be directed to James Conlon, Senior Finance Admin Officer, on 12058 or


Tenders online

The Flinders University E-Procurement Portal advertises tenders and other purchasing requirements to the market and manages the procurement process through to contract award stage.

Visit the E-Procurement Portal