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New Office Products Supplier - OfficeMax

From the 1 June 2015 Flinders University has changed its office products supplier to OfficeMax.

Changing to OfficeMax is anticipted to save the University around $80,000 pa (15%) or $240,000 over the 3-year period.  It is important that staff appreciate that to maximise their area's financial savings it is essential that all their office products orders go through the OfficeMax Contract.

Financial Services have worked closely with OfficeMax in ensuring the transition process has gone smoothly and efficiently for the end user.  The roadshows were well received and the majority of users have received their log in details and commenced ordering via the online OfficeMax system.

If you have any queries please contact Jessica Harrison in Accounts on 12233 or email

Cashiers Moving....

Cashiers will relocate to the Central Library main service desk, Level 1, as at 27 April 2015.  Services and phone numbers remain the same.


Online Purchase of Permits

Avoid the queue....

In 2015 we have implemented online payment for parking permits.  Initially this will be available to anyone with a current Flinders University Student or Staff ID wishing to purchase a Semester or Full Year car or motorcycle permit. (Note: permits may take up to 3-4 days to be received).

New Tax Guide -
Flinders University Meal & Entertainment Tax Guide Matrix (PDF 158KB)


ATM's are located at the following locations:

There are 2 ATM's at Sturt Campus - ANZ and NAB.
There is 1 ATM's in the Main Campus at the Central Library entrance and 1 located inside the Library, Level 1 (entry level) near the Reference Collection Desk.

For information regarding Staff Discounts click on Procurement to see what is available to you.  Also listed is information on agreements with airlines, accommodation, car hire, ISD products, promotional items and uniforms.

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