Flinders University and Study Group are pleased to introduce the Flinders International Study Centre. We provide introductory academic, Foundation and Diploma programs for students who seek to qualify for, and enrol directly in Flinders undergraduate courses.


A true university experience
Situated on campus at Flinders University, Flinders International Study Centre offers an authentic university experience, including the opportunity to live on-campus. Students graduate fully prepared for all aspects of life as an undergraduate at Flinders University.

Our approach ensures your studies are always on track. You will benefit from a flexible system which allows for a more personalised timetable with individual tutorials. Our unique Study Smart online resource has also been designed to provide you with additional materials in areas where you may need specific help.

Our staff are highly skilled in dealing with the needs and requirements of international students. They will assist you in organising your studies, selecting the right university course and help with any personal difficulties you may encounter whilst living away from home.

Guaranteed pathway to a world-class degree
Successful completion of the Diploma at Flinders International Study Centre allows students to progress to Flinders University business or commerce degrees with credit.


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