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The study guides below are in a portable document format (.pdf) and will require a PDF reader. If you do not have access to Adobe Reader, you can obtain a free copy from the Adobe website.

English Language Skills

General Study Skills

Abbreviations (PDF 85KB)

Active & Passive (PDF 102KB)

Articles (PDF 137KB)

Formal & Informal Language (PDF 88KB)

Linking Words & Phrases (PDF 82KB)

Prepositions (PDF 64KB)

Pronunciation (PDF 70KB)

Punctuation (PDF 260KB)

Subject-Verb Agreement (PDF 126KB)

Verbs (PDF 157KB)

Vocabulary (PDF 171KB)

Writing Style (PDF 152KB)

Academic Integrity (PDF 73KB)

Articles (PDF 137KB)

 Endnote - See the Library

Handling Resubmissions (PDF 80KB)

Lecture Noting (PDF 208KB)

Listening (PDF 71KB)

Reading Effectively (PDF 81KB)

Reading Scientific Literature (PDF 92KB)

Seminars & Oral Presentations (PDF 95KB)

Studying Alone (PDF 75KB)

Tests & Exams (PDF 72KB)

Time Organisation (PDF 91KB)

Text Matching Software (Turnitin): See FLO

Tutorials & Seminars (PDF 76KB)

Using Feedback (PDF 84KB)

Working in Groups (PDF 75KB)