Submitting your registration for Casual Employment

To maintain an up-to-date register, applications for casual positions will be removed on 30th June and 31st  December of every year. In order to continue to be considered for any available casual work after these dates, you will need to register again.

Please Note: As there are no Position Descriptions available for the Casual Register there is no need to submit a statement addressing selection criteria. You need only attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the completed on-line form. Please contact Human Resources Reception on tel: 8201 3875 or by email should you have any queries regarding casual opportunities.

  1. Select the Casual Register button
  2. Select the category for which you wish to register:
    • Administration / Finance
    • Library
    • Technical Support / Research
    • Information Technology
  3. Click the 'Apply Now' button
  4. Complete the on-line registration form
  5. An asterisk (*) indicates that a field is mandatory. You will be unable to submit your application until all the mandatory fields have been completed
  6. Click the 'Browse' button to locate and attach your Curriculum Vitae:
    • You may attach Word, pdf or Excel documents. If using Word 2007, use 'Save as' to save your document as a '.doc' (not as a '.docx')
  7. Click the 'Submit your application now' button at the bottom of the form to submit your registration
    • If an Error Message appears please ensure that you have completed all mandatory fields
    • All attachments will need to be reattached and the 'Apply Now' button selected again
  8. An email will be sent to you, acknowledging receipt of your registration