What the brand does for you

Flinders' brand identity unites the diverse parts of our organisation, providing a common understanding of who we are and our collective aspirations, both within the University and beyond. 

Further, the brand works for you by strengthening the reputation of the University and its people as professionals, research achievers, fostering an environment of intellectual rigour and inspiring excellence in scholarly outcomes. In other words, the brand supports and recognises your achievements and helps to promote them.

Finally, Flinders' brand provides a framework for communication which is clear and easy to put to use in your projects.

Presenting our brand identity

For our community members to understand who we are and what we stand for, and to distinguish ourselves within the global tertiary learning landscape, Flinders needs to present a consistently clear and cohesive brand identity.

This means that it's up to all Flinders people to adhere to the brand guidelines, standards and templates for all communications - every time.

The Flinders University Style Guide provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the Flinders brand, including guidelines, standards and templates for all your communications.  We ask that you refer to the Style Guide and apply the brand appropriately in all Flinders communications.

If you're unsure about how to apply any aspect of the brand identity, please contact the Marketing and Communications office on 8201 3707 or email marcomms@flinders.edu.au.