Mr Peter Torjul

Admissions/Prospective Students Office

The Admissions/Prospective Students Office is responsible for the promotion of courses and for the admission of students for the University.

Admissions Manager: Ms Natalia Hutton

Ph: (08) (int +61 8) 8201 3074 or 1300 657 671 (local call cost)

Career and Employer Liaison Centre

The Career and Employer Liaison Centre (CELC) provides a diverse range of services and programs to students and recent graduates including workshops, job posting services, careers advice and a comprehensive range of careers resources. Employers come to CELC to look for talented students and graduates with skills that they need for their businesses and organisations.

Careers and Employer Liaison Centre Manager: Nina Tabor

Ph: (08) (int +61 8)  8201 2832

Examinations Office

The Examinations Office organises University examinations at the end of each semester, as well as supplementary examinations in late January/early February of the following year.

Examinations Manager: Ms Kirsten Diercks

Ph: (08) (int +61 8) 8201 3907

Graduation Office

The Graduation Office is responsible for the University's graduation ceremonies. The main ceremonies are held on campus in April for students who completed their studies in Semester 2 of the previous year. Ceremonies are also held in September and December.

Graduation Manager: Ms Kirsten Diercks
Ph: (08) (int + 61 8) 8201 5069

Student Access Unit

The Student Access Unit collaborates with educational communities in South Australia’s metropolitan, rural and regional areas supporting individuals from low SES and/or other disadvantaged backgrounds.

Student Access Unit Manager: Lee Pope
Ph: (08) (int + 61 8) 8201 5719