Security Officers are available 24 hours a day via the hotline telephones around campus or by calling (08) 8201 2880. They also provide an after-hours escort service to cars or student accommodation.

The Security Office in the foyer area outside the Central Library also serves as the Lost Property Office.

Lockers are available for hire throughout the university. For more information, phone Flinders One on (08) 8201 2371.

Security in car parks

Lock all doors and close all windows. Do not leave valuables in open view.

If you are going to stay on campus after dark, move your vehicle to a well-lit area of the car park, closer to your building, before it gets dark.


Use well-lit routes when walking around campus at night. If possible, walk with a companion or larger group.

Building access after hours

Escort service

Contact Security on 12880 (internal) when you require an escort to your car or campus residence after dark.

Escorts are also available to persons with medical conditions, and in the event of a medical emergency.

Loop bus

The Loop Bus operates until 9:45pm during term time and visits all car parks and the Sturt Campus.

Reporting security incidents

Report all security incidents as early as possible. Contact either the Security Office or a Security Officer to make your report.

All reports remain confidential.

Lost property

Contact the Lost Property Office (opposite the Library entrance) to check if your property has been handed in.

Call (08) 8201 5151 for service during business hours.

Stolen property

If you have had property stolen, advise the Security Office, and report the theft in person to the Sturt Police Station as soon as possible.

Prompt reports may enable offenders to be identified, and help reduce future incidents.

Further information

Emergency Management Plan (restricted access).