The Legal team has qualified, experienced lawyers and contract officers. We provide a range of legal services to the University that academic and professional staff can access. Legal advice is best sought as early as possible.

We review a variety of non-research related contracts and provide advice and representation as needed. Research contracts (such as grants) should in the first instance be directed to Research Development and Support (RDS). You can ask the RDS to forward the contract to the Legal Services team for a legal review where appropriate.

We also provide a range of other advice (see below) and we can assist with negotiations.

If we cannot provide you with advice we can assist you in obtaining advice from the best source. This will help you get the best advice as quickly as possible, keep the cost down and assist in risk management of your project for the University.

How will you know if you need legal advice?

You may need legal advice where:

  1. You have agreed with another party that there needs to be a written contract but neither of you have one.
  2. A contract has been provided to you by the other party.
  3. You use a University template that needs some variations made.
  4. You do not understand what you have been given.
  5. The other party has a lawyer.

Note: Contracts can be entered into by verbal agreement (that is, without a written agreement) sometimes, this happens unintentionally. Contracts should not be entered into by verbal agreement. If the other party asserts this happened and you are unsure or disagree, contact legal services immediately.

Services we offer

We offer the following services:

  • Assistance with litigation
  • Contract planning, drafting, review and negotiation
  • Dispute resolution (contracts, employment etc.)
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) advice
  • Intellectual Property advice
  • Legal Compliance advice
  • Managing external legal service providers
  • Privacy law and policy advice

Personal legal advice

We are unable to provide personal legal advice to staff and students however, one of the following organisations may be able to assist:

We can provide you with names of law firms but we do not make recommendations regarding who you should engage.

How to request legal advice

Fill in the form  Legal Services Form (PDF 1MB) attach any relevant documents and email to: or call the Legal team on (08) 8201 3171.

We can deal with urgent matters however you should generally allow ten business days for your request to be processed and the advice to be provided. Once we have received your instructions and all of the documents, your request will be allocated to one of the lawyers in the team and that lawyer may contact you if further information is required.

Further information

Legal service



You may be asked to provide an Affidavit, contact us to discuss whether you are obliged to provide one and what it means if you do.

CCA Compliance

Competition and Consumer Act Compliance



If you require advice in relation to a contract or agreement, please contact Legal Services


Delegations of authority to enter into contracts

External lawyers

If you require assistance engaging an external lawyer, Legal Services can assist with recommending a lawyer, providing instructions, obtaining a quote and containing your legal spend.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

Freedom of Information at Flinders


University Council and governing committees

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Policy



Legal Services lawyers have experience in litigation and although the University tries to avoid litigation, it sometimes unfortunately still occurs. Please contact Legal Services if you require assistance with a matter that is in a Court or Tribunal.

Personal advice

Legal Services staff are unable to provide personal legal advice to staff or students.


Flinders University's Privacy statement


Operational information on current contracts and preferred suppliers for a range of goods and services - Staff access only.

Student matters

Contact Legal Services


Subpoenas, Summonses and Notices to Produce are court orders issued in legal proceedings requiring attendance at court or, more commonly, production of documents required for those proceedings. On occasion the University is served with these documents. If you receive one of the above documents you should immediately email or contact one of the legal team.

Witness statements

You may be asked to provide a witness statement, contact us to discuss whether you are obliged to provide one and what it means if you do.