There are options available to people who cannot or do not want to undertake an award study course.

Non-award study 

If you do not wish to be admitted to a full course of study, you may apply to enrol for one or more topics as a non-award student.

For more information, see single topics/non-award topics.

Cross-institutional study

Students studying at other universities may enrol in one or more topics at Flinders University through cross-institutional enrolment.  Students intending to enrol in cross-institutional study must obtain the approval of their home institution.

For more information, see cross-institutional students.

Auditing a topic

Flinders offers members of the community the opportunity to audit various university topics. Auditing means that a person attends lectures from a topic in an award course for general interest (ie. not for the purpose of completing the requirements of the award).

For more information, see auditing a topic.