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TAFE/VET to uni

TAFE/VET to uni

* Course information has further information for individual Flinders University course prerequisites
† Credit amounts vary. See below for information about credit.

Many students decide to come to university after completing a TAFE/VET qualification. Flinders sets aside places in most of its degree courses for TAFE/VET graduates. Even if you did not finish high school (Year 12) your TAFE/VET qualification may allow you to enter university.

Are you eligible?

If you've completed a TAFE/VET certificate 3 or higher, you're eligible to apply for undergraduate courses at Flinders.

Your study at TAFE/VET does not need to be related to your selected area of study at university. However, you will be ranked on the level of your TAFE/VET qualification – the higher your qualification, the more competitive you will be in obtaining admission to Flinders, and the course of your choice.

TAFElink - guaranteed entry

TAFElink is a guaranteed entry pathway if you've completed a TAFE/VET Certificate 4 or higher level qualification (provided you meet the course prerequisite requirements).

See more about TAFElink and which courses have guaranteed entry.

Dual offers

You are able to apply for a TAFE SA Diploma or Advanced Diploma that is linked to a Flinders degree. You will receive an offer to both TAFE SA and Flinders University, with the Flinders offer being conditional on successful completion of the TAFE SA qualification. 

More information about dual offers between TAFE SA and Flinders.

Dual awards with TAFE SA and Flinders

We offer a number of degrees in partnership with TAFE SA. These are designed with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma fully integrated into the Flinders degree.

See how it works, what the benefits are and what's available to study.


If you're accepted into a course related to your TAFE/VET course, you may be eligible to receive credit for your previous study. Credit means that we may recognise your previous studies and you won't have to complete similar subjects at a university level. This means you will spend less time finishing your degree and pay less fees.

See if you're eligible to receive credit for previous study.



TAFESA RTO Code: 41026

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If you’re thinking about beginning study or returning after an extended break, Flinders University gives you all the information and support you need. Our experienced student advisors will guide you through applying for uni study and help find the pathway that’s right for you.

Adult entry appointments are available at Flinders Victoria Square and Bedford Park campuses or over the phone.

For more details and to book your appointment: 1300 FLINDERS (+61 1300 3546 3377) or email: askflinders@flinders.edu.au

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