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 Mature age entry
 Postgraduate courses - coursework
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Choose from: our Bachelor degrees below

 Applied Geographical Information Systems
 Business and Technology
 Behavioural Science (Psychology)
 Commerce (Accounting)
 Commerce (Finance)
 Computer Science
 Computing and Digital Media
 Creative Arts
 Disability and Community Rehabilitation
 Education - Early Childhood
 Education - Junior Primary/Primary
 Education - Middle School
 Education - Secondary
 Education - Special Education
 Engineering - Biomedical
 Engineering - Computer Systems
 Engineering - Civil
 Engineering - Electronics
 Engineering - Environmental Technologies
 Engineering - Maritime Electronics
 Engineering - Mechanical
 Engineering - Naval Architecture
 Engineering - Robotics
 Engineering - Software
 Engineering Science
 Environmental Health
 Environmental Management
 Environmental Science
 Government and Public Management
 Health Sciences
 Information Technology
 International Studies
 International Tourism
 Justice and Society
 Laws and Legal Practice
 Medical Science
 Nutrition and Dietetics
 Occupational Therapy
 Science - Animal Behaviour
 Science - Aquaculture
 Science - Biodiversity and Conservation
 Science - Biotechnology
 Science - Environmental Science
 Science - Forensic and Analytical Chemistry
 Science - Marine Biology
 Science - Marine Biology/Aquaculture
 Science - Nanotechnology
 Science (Honours) - an enhanced program for high achievers
 Social Planning
 Social Work and Social Planning
 Speech Pathology
 Diploma of Language

Alternatively choose from Areas of interest

 Allied Health
 Commerce and Business
 Computing and IT
 Creative Arts
 The Environment
 Law and Justice
 National and International Affairs
 Psychology/Behavioural Science
 Public Policy, management and planning
 Social Work, welfare and community work

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