Government assistance


The Australian Government provides financial assistance to eligible students through a number of schemes, grants and scholarships including Youth Allowance (for full-time students under the age of 25), Austudy (for full-time students over 25) and Abstudy (for Australian Indigenous students) schemes.

Eligibility for these schemes may depend on your residential status, previous study and means testing.

Commonwealth supported courses

All Flinders undergraduate courses are offered on a commonwealth supported basis. ‘Commonwealth supported’ means the cost of your study is shared between the Australian Government and you. As a Commonwealth supported student you are required to pay a student contribution amount and the Australian Government pays the balance of your course costs.  

Higher Education Loan Programs

HECS-HELP is a loan from the Australian Government for all or part of your student contribution amount.

Indigenous Cadetships

There are a number of government National Indigenous Cadetships available to Indigenous Australians. These pay an allowance and offer employment at the completion of your degree.

For more information on financial assistance for indigenous students visit Yunggorendi.


Flinders offers a wide range of scholarships to new and continuing undergraduate students. Some are general in nature, while others assist students who are studying specific courses or who come from particular areas of the state.

Flinders also offers scholarships to students who are experiencing financial disadvantage. These are awarded on demonstrated financial need and academic merit.

Other scholarships

The State Government offers a range of scholarships to assist rural students wishing to enter Teaching and Nursing degrees. At the completion of your study you will be expected to work in a non-metropolitan location.

Flinders University Student Association

The Flinders University Student Association has trained staff to provide financial assistance to Flinders University students.

They offer general information and assistance on financial counselling, budgeting and student loans/grants.