The corporate sector in Australia has become increasingly conscious of its responsibility in supporting, nurturing and developing the community in which it operates.

A number of companies actively partner with community groups and not-for-profit organisations to support a genuine and relevant cause, and to also demonstrate that their particular company is not purely driven by profit objectives and take seriously their responsibility for helping build a better and more sustainable society.

Flinders University is selective with the organisations with whom we partner. We believe strongly in partnering only with organisations sharing the same values and when there is a mutual synergy and the partnership delivers tangible benefits to the community.

The University actively seeks new partnerships with companies as our need for support is ongoing.

A corporate partnership with Flinders University will:

  • directly support the future of the University now and for future generations
  • make a positive impact to the educational future of all Flinders students
  • enhance your corporate reputation and brand image
  • increase your business development and marketing opportunities
  • market your products and services to the Flinders University community
  • increase consumer and stakeholder trust and confidence.

Flinders University seeks to build strategic corporate partnerships that are successful, vibrant and mutually beneficial delivering tangible results for both parties.

Several ways of your organisation partnering with Flinders University include:

  • developing a tailored package including a range of branding and marketing benefits relevant to the level of financial support offered to the University.
  • naming of a building or scholarship matching financial consideration and particular areas of interest in the University.

If you would like further information on how your company can partner with Flinders University to support the necessary ongoing strategic investment in academic, research and innovation leadership outlined in the Flinders University Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016, please make contact via the online enquiry form.