The Karmel Endowment Fund is the vital fundraising arm of the University, named in honour of the University’s founding Vice Chancellor Peter Karmel.

The Karmel Endowment Fund operates a full calendar of fundraising and development activities designed to raise funds so vital for ensuring the University continues to maintain its reputation as a leading international educational institution delivering the highest standards of academic excellence acknowledged for its achievement and innovation.

Support from friends, alumni and corporate partners, enhances and develops the distinctiveness of Flinders and directs funds to projects that inspire academics and students alike; in addition to making a difference in our community and contribute to the tertiary sector as a whole.

Support of the Karmel Endowment Fund ensures that worthy students become recipients of scholarships, that the Library receives funds for new books, that inspiring research is supported, that the campus can continue to grow, and that the Art Museum is able to maintain and add to its collection.

The Karmel Endowment Fund will keep Peter Karmel’s legacy alive by serving the Flinders community and by being ‘brave and inspiring’ in everything we do.

Special purpose funds

In Memory donations

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