Lesley Shorne Scholarship Dr Lesley Shorne worked tirelessly for the cause of women’s health in South Australia for more than 25 years in both practice and promotion.

A leading forensic examiner and pioneer of cervical screening, she was also a committed advocate for women, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. During her career, she achieved significant improvements for women in the medical and legal processes related to sexual assault.

In recognition of her work in Women’s Health, Dr Shorne was included as one of the ten most inspiring women in the 2009 Women’s Honour Roll published by the Office of Women, and also was selected as a finalist for South Australian of the Year for 2011.

Throughout her professional career, Dr Shorne used her medical knowledge and experience for the advancement of all women. She was a keen advocate for their rights and for their health and also worked to improve training programs in the area of women’s health. She was a strong proponent of social justice.

Fittingly, Lesley Shorne’s family chose to create a scholarship with Flinders University with the aim of furthering the wonderful work Lesley had commenced.

Both at Lesley’s funeral with an In Memory donation (in lieu of flowers) and with ongoing fundraising activities such as an annual dinner; funds were raised to finance the creation and ongoing awarding of the Dr Lesley Shorne Scholarship via an annual grant to a mature aged woman studying medicine at Flinders University.

The inspiring and remarkable life of Dr Lesley Shorne will live on in perpetuity as a result of the creation of the Dr Lesley Shorne Scholarship offered to students studying the Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University.

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