Flinders University’s Bachelor degree programs aim to produce graduates:


Flinders University aims to inspire its students to achieve at the highest possible level. Our degrees are recognised and highly regarded internationally. We provide a learning environment which is innovative, supportive and of high quality. We expect our students to develop an intellectual and cultural curiosity, both within academic and professional disciplines and across discipline boundaries. We expect them to develop the problem-solving work-ready skills required in our dynamic and changing world. We expect them to demonstrate cultural awareness, to develop a global perspective and to cultivate a respect and tolerance for others. We are proud that so many Flinders graduates identify with, and can be distinguished by, these distinctive academic, professional and cultural characteristics.

Within this context, each Bachelor degree program aims to develop, along with more program-specific professional competencies, the core qualities listed here. These expected graduate qualities shape the more detailed educational aims and learning outcomes which are specified for each course and topic at Flinders.