HDR Contact Officers: Conciliation and Arbitration Process

3.1 Contact Officer
In consultation with the Deans of the relevant Colleges and the postgraduate student members of the Higher Degrees by Research Committee in a College, each Executive Dean of the College shall appoint an appropriate number of members of the academic staff of the College as Contact Officers to provide the relevant parties with access to advice and support, and the means to achieve resolution of matters.

Contact Officers will be selected on the basis that they can demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and a good level of understanding of the administration of higher degree matters and the operation of these procedures; and have appropriate experience in supervising the higher degree by research students. It is the responsibility of Contact Officers to act in accordance with these procedures to: 

  • provide advice to students and staff about the University's policies and procedures for the administration of higher by research degrees;
  • provide support to students and staff in relation to the Conciliation and Arbitration Procedures Relating to Supervised Higher Degree by Research;
  • provide a first point of contact to enable the parties to resolve a matter of concern in accordance with Stage 1 of the procedures outlined in Section 5 below;
  • refer a student to a Conciliator, if the parties are unable to resolve a matter.

Further policy information can be found in the HDR Policy and supporting procedures

HDR students can choose Contact Officers from Colleges other than their own.

The student should approach one of the following Contact Officers. Contact Officers shall provide advice and support to the student and make all reasonable attempts to assist the student to resolve the matter. The Contact Officer may consult the Chair of the College Higher Degrees by Research Committee. If the matter is not resolved at this stage the student may seek resolution by conciliation through the Manager of the Equal Opportunity Unit, Lisa O’Neill.


Contact Officers

Rhain Buth – College of Business, Government and Law P. 8201 5293
Leigh Burrows – College of Education, Psychology and Social Work P. 8201 3022
Michael Gradisar – College of Education, Psychology and Social Work P. 8201 2324
Karen Lower – College of Medicine and Public Health P. 8204 4105
Steve Parker – College of Nursing and Health Sciences  P. 8201 3402
Dean Whitehead – College of Nursing and Health Sciences  P. 8201 3169
Yvonne Parry – College of Nursing and Health Sciences  P. 8201 3354
Sonia Kleindorfer – College of Science and Engineering  P. 8201 5232
Mike Schwarz – College of Science and Engineering  P. 8201 3729
Okke Batelaan – College of Science and Engineering  P. 8201 2288
Murk Bottema – College of Science and Engineering  P. 8201 3652
Catherine Kevin – College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences  P. 8201 5553


Research Integrity Advisors

In compliance with the Code, the University has appointed Research Integrity Advisors to advise University staff and students on all matters relating to research integrity, the Code, and relevant University policies.

These advisors also act as potential contacts for any staff member or student wanting to make, or considering making, an allegation of research misconduct.

Current Research Integrity Advisors can be found here.