A digital copy of your thesis should be prepared in accordance with the HDR Thesis Rules (PDF).

A candidate may submit a thesis for examination even if this is against the advice of the supervisor, but only after an attempt has been made to resolve the matter through discussion with the supervisor and a RHD contact officer, or with the Dean of Research of your College (or nominee). 


If you are ready to submit your thesis:

  1. Ensure the final draft of your thesis has been put through TurnItIn, and copy of the TurnItIn report has been provided to your supervisor.
  2. Download and complete the Thesis Submission Form. (We recommend you give yourself two weeks to complete this stage, to take into account any co-author approvals you may require.)
  3. Upload a PDF copy of your thesis, along with the completed form to the Research Excellence App.
  4. The Office of Graduate Research will contact you to confirm receipt of your thesis, and your examination will commence. We will continue to update you throughout this process.


Examinations PODCAST

Listen to a Q and A session with the Dean of Graduate Research, Professor Tara Brabazon and Examinations Coordinator, Natalie Hills discussing the examination process at Flinders University.

Examination Q and A