Graduation ceremonies take place in April, September and December each year.

We recommend that you apply to graduate when you submit your thesis for examination, or as soon as possible after.

In the lead-up to your graduation, the Graduations Office will contact you with details on how to register to attend a ceremony, or graduate in absentia.


Academic dress for graduation

The academic dress for graduates of the University shall be a gown, hood and cap.  The details of the academic dress depend on your degree and College. 

Further details can be found at the Academic Dress page.


Further information about graduation ceremonies

Refer to Graduation.


Using the title “Dr”

If you have completed your PhD, you are able to use "Dr" once your degree has been conferred by Flinders University. The conferral process occurs at a Graduation Ceremony, Council Meeting or in absentia. To be eligible for conferral, the Dean of Graduate Research needs to confirm that you have met the degree requirements and record that you have been awarded the degree on the Student Information System. For further information about conferral procedures visit the Graduation website.