Sometimes ... undertaking a PhD isn’t always a smooth ride.

We want to keep you supported so you can stay on-track.

We have created a unique Progression Program for HDR students. Your academic, social, financial and emotional well-being is our top priority.

This proactive, one-on-one support program provides:

  • access to four sessions of one-on-one coaching
  • support with strategies early in your candidature to help you move forward, meet your milestones, and complete your PhD.


We're all here to get you through

It takes a village to finish a thesis.

You'll be connected with a network of Progression Support Officers from Health and Counselling. Our officers are specially trained to provide coaching and support to HDR students.

We know your degree. We know our stuff.

Sometimes, your progression support officer may assist you by referring you to other relevant university bodies such as the

  • Office of Graduate Research
  • FUSA
  • your College
  • other external service providers who can benefit you.


But I'm not having problems ... am I?

Completing a PhD within the university’s expected timeframe can sometimes be challenging. These challenges can impact upon your well-being, and your progression.

You might not even notice them, but any of the following can (and do) have an effect you and your research:

  • Life changes
  • Relationship stress
  • Financial difficulties
  • Health concerns
  • Issues with your studies

Research show that proactive intervention at the early stages of your candidature can be the most effective way to get you past your milestones and onwards to your research career.


Start your own personalised program

Don't wait. Have a chat with one of our Progression Support Officers and start your own program today.

Supervisors are also encouraged to promote this program to their students.


Okay, I'd like to talk to someone

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