Welcome to your customised, 24/7 study space.

HDR students at Flinders have their own, dedicated, swipe-card accessible study area.

Location: Room 154, Entrance Level (towards the back), Central Library, Main Campus.


Statistics PC

 Here you will find

  • Hot desks
  • Quiet study zones
  • Bespoke software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking and various statistics packages.
  • Small occupancy spaces for communal work.

HDR Central has been designed to cater for all students, especially part-timers and those with impairment. These facilities extend those provided by Colleges to their HDR cohort and respond to many of the needs expressed in the Office of Graduate Research’s 2016 Annual Survey regarding the physical research environment.

The space is versatile and has distinct study zones within the one area. There are quiet workspaces which can be individual offices at certain times, for example when students are utilising software and/or devices to enable their research. There are also small occupancy spaces that can be closed off to suit the needs of student groups needing to work communally.



HDR Central is swipe card access only. Press your student to the black panel beside the door.

HDR students are not automatically given access to the study space. In order to be placed in the access group, you need to email gradresearch@flinders.edu.au and request access to HDR Central.

Nb. If you have already supplied your card details to the OGR, you do not need to supply them again.

You will need to quote the 2x-xxxxx number from your student card. It is located beneath your photograph:


 The Office of Graduate Research will verify that you are a current HDR student and file an access request with Flinders Security. This can take a couple of days.


Statistical Software PC

HDR Central has a dedicated PC with specialised statistical software. It is located within HDR Central, in Room 157.

The packages currently available are:

Comprehensive Meta-Analysis v3 (CMA)

CMA is a very robust and user-friendly software for performing a meta-analysis.

Conquest 4

ConQuest is a computer program for fitting various item response models.

Eviews 10

Eviews is software primarily dedicated to time-series oriented analysis.

Mplus 8 (Base Program and Combination Add-On)

Mplus is a specialised software for structural equation modelling and multilevel modelling.


NCSS is a general statistical package but outperforming SPSS in Diagnostic Tests, Agreement Evaluation, Quality Control, Zero-Inflated Regressions.


PRIMER-7 is leading software for multivariate statistics with a strong following in the biological sciences.

Stata 15 SE

Stata is a very good general statistical package with a strong following in the health sciences.

Booking the Stats PC

Stats PC is entered on the LibCal Room Booking software as one of the study spaces managed by the Library and with the same conditions of use.

HDR students needing assistance or with questions about the software should make an appointment with the Statistical Consultant.

Book your time on the Stats PC in the same way you would book a Library or Hub study space.

Click here to book the Stats PC