• The Register of Research Higher Degree Supervisors is accessible to view by approved staff members via FAN and password
  • The Master Register will be held by the Office of Graduate Research (OGR) and upgraded once a week
  • This copy is available for approved staff to download and sort as needed; however, final data changes to the Master can only be made by the OGR
  • If you require assistance in using the Register please contact Anne Spencer on 12812 or by email anne.spencer@flinders.edu.au
  • If you are aware of any changes that may alter the status of a supervisor or if you can provide information that will enhance the effectiveness of the Register, please contact Anne Spencer.   

Re-Portal cheat sheet

For those of you who have access to the restricted and confidential Re-Portal details of other staff members, we have provided a  Cheat sheet for Re-Portal publications 220914.docx (DOCX 31KB) to check the research activity of potential RHD supervisors.

Postgraduate Coordinators or equivalent can check the policy and the attached recommendations to see the guidelines for their role.

Dean of the School (or nominee) and Postgraduate Coordination

It is the responsibility of the Dean of School (or nominee) to oversee the research higher degree work of the School and specifically to:

(i)  meet each new candidate at the beginning of his or her candidature;

(ii)  interview each candidate as part of the annual review of progress and to prepare a report;

(iii)  interview each supervisor separately as part of the annual review of progress;

(iv)  help resolve problems that may arise between the candidate and the supervisors;

(v)  receive complaints regarding research higher degree matters in the School and recommend action as appropriate; and

(vi)  assist research higher degree candidates with the administrative aspects of their candidature.

Postgraduate Coordinator or equivalent responsibility Postgraduate Coordinator or equivalent Guidelines (DOCX 24KB) .