Student ID and FAN

Access the Student System

Update my personal details

Meet my conditions (domestic)

Meet my conditions (international)

Accept/ defer my offer (domestic)

Accept/ defer my offer (international)



Your Student ID and Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) will give you access to a range of must-have information and activities while you’re at Flinders.

Your Student ID is unique to you and will help you to enrol, get a Student ID card, borrow library books  and more.

Like your Student ID, your FAN is unique to you. Your FAN and password give you access to IT services, like email, the Student System and Flinders WiFi.

Your Student ID and FAN are yours while you’re at Flinders, so write them down and keep them safe.



Equipped with your Student ID and FAN (Flinders Authentication Name), you can access the Student System. This is where you can find your:

  • personal details
  • fees, and
  • topic details

You can access the Student System from your student dashboard using your Student ID and password.



When you’re logged in to the Student System, take a moment to check your personal details and make sure they’re correct, including current address and mobile phone number.

Most of your information can be updated in My Details, but some personal information, like your name, date of birth and citizenship, can only be changed in person.

If you need to change personal information that can’t be updated in My Details, bring the relevant legal documents to Flinders Connect and we’ll update the information for you.

And remember, you can access the Student System any time through your dashboard.



The conditions listed in your Letter of Offer must be met before you can be admitted to your offered course.



The conditions listed in your Offer of Admission must be met before you can accept your offer to your course.

The University requires original or certified true copies of all academic transcripts and qualifications obtained. Photocopies of qualifications are only acceptable if they have been certified and signed as a true and correct copy of the original by a recognised authority.

Please note that the University requires original or certified true copies of all academic transcripts and qualifications obtained. Photocopies of certified signatures will not be accepted.

Your offer of admission remains subject to you meeting Genuine Temporary Entrant/Genuine Student (GTE/GS) requirements. The University has the right to rescind any offers for students who do not meet GTE/GS assessment requirements.



You need to formally accept, defer or decline your Flinders offer. To do this, log in to the Student System and click on the My Offer tab and follow the prompts to accept or defer or decline your offer. NB: Deferrals need to be approved.

This offer of candidature is valid for up to six months* from the date of this letter.

*This can vary between Colleges. Please confirm the length of validity when you receive your offer.

If you have applied for a scholarship, you will receive notification about the outcome separately from Student Finances Services.



International students need to contact the International Centre to accept or defer their offer either in person or to