Does the position require a child-related employment screening?

If you have a new position you are recruiting for, you can use the Prescribed Position Flowchart to assist in establishing if the position will be deemed prescribed. For further advice and guidance contact or your contact in People and Culture or send a query to It is worth noting that not all positions in the University will be deemed prescribed.

Download the  Prescribed position flowchart (PDF 94KB) or view it below.

Does an activity require a risk management strategy?

In the context of creating safe environments for children, risk management means identifying, assessing and taking steps to minimise the risks of harm to children because of the action or inaction of another person involved with organisation.(Child Safe Environments: Principles of Good Practice. Families SA. July 2012.)

University staff in prescribed positions, holding employment screening clearances to work with children, is an example of a risk mitigation strategy of the University. 

Staff members who conduct, for example, on-campus or outreach activities involving school children and/or young people, are responsible for carrying out risk assessments and mitigating any risks as appropriate to the activity. An example of mitigating risk may include ensuring that the staff members involved in the activity hold a child-related employment screening clearance and/or ensuring that no staff member works with any child on an individual basis without direct supervision.

View the University's information on risk assessment.