Under the Child Safe Environment Policy and Procedures the University has a responsibility to ensure that it promotes a child safe environment for students who may be under the age of 18 whilst undertaking study at the University.

Supervisor responsibilities

As a supervisor you are responsible for ensuring that:

  • any staff member (including casual staff), volunteer, status holder or visiting scholar’s role is assessed against the criteria for prescribed positions to determine if the position is prescribed which will result in the person in that role being required to obtain a child related employment screening, including when a role changes.
  • all staff under your supervision are aware that they should avoid one to one contact with students or be directly supervised when dealing with students on an individual basis, if they do not have a child-related employment screening clearance.
  • If a staff member is in a prescribed position and they do not yet have a child-related employment screening clearance that the following steps are undertaken to reduce the risk to the University
    • The classes the staff member is teaching in or the duties the staff member is carrying out are assessed to identify any students under the age of 18.
    • If there are students that are under the age of 18, provision is in place to ensure the staff member is aware they should not have any one to one contact with the students or that they are directly supervised during the one to one contact if this is required (until their clearance is received).
    • If the staff member is casual they are explicitly made aware that their continued engagement is contingent on the University receiving a child-related employment screening which is satisfactory to the University.


Recruitment Activity

  • All Academic Level A – level E positions (continuing, fixed-term and the majority of casual Academics – see exemptions below) that have teaching responsibilities are deemed prescribed.
  • Professional and Research roles are assessed against the criteria for prescribed positions.


There are a number of exemptions under the Children’s Protection Act 1993 (SA) that could apply.  The exemptions criteria is also considered more closely for casual staff members, status holders, visiting scholars and volunteers.  Exemptions in the University context include:

  • If the event or activity the person is engaged in takes places in 10 consecutive days or less (assuming no individual contact with students) e.g. Open day events, examination marking
  • The person is engaged to carry out work for no more than 1 day in any month.  For ease of reference (assuming no individual contact with students)  the casual academic tutor is working less than 48 hours a semester
  • A person is engaged to do marking who has no individual contact with students
  • The staff member has Teacher’s Registration (original or certified copy to be provided by the casual staff member to People & Culture)  
  • Casual academic tutors who only ever teach postgraduate or PhD students
  • One off guest lectures
  • Any staff member who is directly supervised when tutoring/lecturing students

New Semesters and casual staff

As screening clearances take longer to come back from the DCSI between the months of February and May, it is recommended that all supervisors seek to engage any new casual academic staff members well in advance of the semester starting (particularly semester 1 where possible), to allow enough time for the engagement process to be completed before they commence teaching.

Renewal child-related employment screening (CRES) applications process

All CRES clearances, once received by People and Culture, are entered into the HR system detailing their renewal date. 

3 months before the renewal date the HR system will send an automated email to the staff member, supervisor and HR Client Services advising that their clearance is due for renewal.  At this stage the employment services team will initiate a renewal screening application for the staff member to complete to ensure there is no time delay between the existing clearance expiring and receiving the new clearance.

If you have any queries regarding child-related employment screening, prescribed positions or related queries please contact employment.screening@flinders.edu.au or contact the recruitment team on extension 13444.