What is e-Recruitment

e-Recruitment is the online tool which Flinders University uses to manage it's recruitment process.  e-Recruitment allows job seekers to apply for vacancies online.  A job seeker attached an application to an online application form, and the appointment committee members then view and download the application as soon as it is lodged.

How does e-Recruitment work at Flinders?

  • applicants search for vacancies on the Jobs@Flinders website
  • upon selecting a particular vacancy, the applicant is directed to the e-Recruitment system. From here they view the Position Description and submit their application
  • the e-Recruitment system is part of the University’s existing Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • the applicant completes an online application form and attaches a curriculum vitae and response to the selection criteria
  • when an applicant lodges their application, they receive an immediate email acknowledgement
  • immediately following lodgement of an application, the curriculum vitae and any other documentation can be viewed, downloaded and printed by members of the appointment committee
  • unsuccessful applicants are notified by email
  • there is a short-cut application process for Flinders staff. Their personal details are loaded automatically onto the on-line application form

What does e-Recruitment look like?

  • e-Recruitment has a similar look and feel to the existing Employee Self Service
  • on the Jobs@Flinders website, job seekers will be able to select the type of vacancy they are looking for – senior executive, professional, academic or internal

Is there training?

Training is provided to appointment committee members as required. This training covers the straightforward process of viewing/downloading applications.

Where can I find out more?

Further information about e-Recruitment is available by clicking on the following links: