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Phone: 8201 3888
Superannuation & Salary Sacrifice

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Salary Packaging
Phone: 8201 3888
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Phone: 8201 3700

 HR Systems

Paul Moran
Manager, HR Systems & Payroll Services
8201 2773
Jo Austin
HRIS Application Support Analyst
8201 5020
Cathy Lovegrove
HRIS Application Support Analyst 8201 5564
Donna Brown HRIS Application Support Analyst donna.brown@flinders.edu.au 8201 3123
Jason Ren Senior Business Analyst jason.ren@flinders.edu.au 8201 2303


Payroll Services

Natasha Phillips                  Manager, Payroll Services

 natasha.phillips@flinders.edu.au 8201 2500  

For pay related enquiries, select a Payroll Officer assigned to the area you work in from the list below

Permanent & Contract Employment Enquiries

Portfolios/Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences
Kerry Battams
8201 2704
Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law/Library (After Hours staff)/Science & Engineering   
Daniel LaBella daniel.labella@flinders.edu.au 8201 2551
School of Health Sciences/Nursing/Library (Mon-Fri staff)
Jeannie Spier jeannie.spier@flinders.edu.au 8201 2726
School of Medicine/Flinders Reproductive Medicine
Helen Barnes helen.barnes@flinders.edu.au 8201 3788
Superannuation / Salary Sacrifice    
Fran Molloy fran.molloy@flinders.edu.au 8201 3857

Casual Employment Enquiries

Linsey Armstrong linsey.armstrong@flinders.edu.au  8201 2501