When do I get paid?

At Flinders University pay day is alternate Fridays. View pay dates and deadlines .

Your pay is usually credited to your bank account earlier. While we endeavour to continue to provide your pay at the current time there may be occasions where, for reasons beyond our control, it is not credited to your bank account until Friday. Given this, please ensure any payments being direct debited from your account are scheduled after the pay Friday.

When is Annual Leave loading paid?

Annual leave loading is paid to all eligible staff members at the end of each calendar year, usually in the last pay before Christmas.
The payment is based on the number of completed months of service for each employee and does not reflect annual leave taken but rather leave accrued within that year, subject to a maximum payment.
In the event that a staff member ceases employment with the University prior to the end of a calendar year, the staff member involved will receive their annual leave loading entitlement accrued up to the last day of employment.

What does the superannuation information on the payslip mean?

Unisuper DBP/ICP - Defined Benefit Plan or Investment Choice Plan. On your payslip the amount that appears under Deduction is your 7% (or 8.25% if salary sacrificing) contribution and under Subsidy is the University's 14% contribution.

Unisuper APP - Award Plus Plan. This is your Superannuation Guarantee contribution. The University contributes 9% if you are not in the DBP or ICP and 3% if you are.

Super SA Lump Sum/ Super SA Pension Scheme - State Super. You contribute 7%.

When are my superannuation payments remitted?

When a superannuation payment appears on your payslip, either under Deduction or Subsidy, it is remitted to the applicable fund on the Pay Date that appears at the top of the payslip.

How do I change my name?

You will need to bring in an original document as evidence of this change to Payroll Services, Ground Floor, Registry Building. We will then record that change on our HR System and the UniSuper System.

I wish to engage an individual as a contractor...

The University has legal obligations with respect to the engagement of individuals as Independent Contractors. Visit the Finance site for more information.