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Understanding Salary Packaging

 It is the University's practice to offer employees the opportunity to negotiate the structure of their remuneration, which may result in their cash salary being reduced by way of salary sacrifice.


Salary sacrifice, is an arrangement between eligible employees and the University, whereby the employee is able to negotiate to sacrifice a percentage of their future gross salary, rather than receive it all as take home pay. Employees are advised to seek Independent Financial Advice before entering into a Salary Sacrifice Agreement.

At the University's discretion, Benefits may be provided to the extent that the cost to the University of providing the Benefits, along with the reduced salary, does not exceed the Total Employment Cost (TEC) established by the University for that employee.


It is important to understand that the University will always decide the breakdown of salary and Benefits to be made available to employees. Whilst considering their wishes, at no time will employees be entitled to direct the University on how they are to be paid.


Note: Salary packaging arrangements cannot be made retrospectively.





The full range of salary sacrifice options are not available to casual employees, casual academic employees or to scholarship holders. Casual employees and casual academic employees are, however, able to salary sacrifice a percentage of their salary into UniSuper.

Obtaining Independent Financial Advice

All staff considering taking part in salary sacrifice will normally be expected to obtain Independent Financial Advice in relation to all aspects of their salary sacrifice. The University suggests you contact your accountant or financial advisor to discuss your salary sacrifice requirements. The University is not in a position to offer financial advice and accepts no responsibility for advice provided by independent advisors. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and entry to the program may occur at any time.   

Employee Benefits Administration

Email:  benefits@flinders.edu.au

The payment, reporting and overall management of Benefits is undertaken by the Payroll Services team within HR Systems and Payroll Services at the University. All information is treated as "strictly confidential".  Only authorised University staff have access to the information.


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