Click on the links to download the salary scales for the following EB increases.

To determine the correct Oncost charges for Casuals, Fixed-Term and Continuing appointments, please refer to Oncost Patterns.

Salary Scales

Future Rates

11 July, 2015 (25% Loading) (PDF 17KB) (Casual)
11 July, 2015 (PDF 23KB) (Academic & Professional)

Current Rates

12 July, 2014 (25% Loading) (PDF 20KB) (Casual)
12 July, 2014 (PDF 33KB) (Academic & Professional)

Past Rates

29 June, 2013 (25% Loading) (PDF 19KB) (Casual)
29 June, 2013 (PDF 23KB) (Academic & Professional)

30 June, 2012 (25% Loading) (PDF 19KB)  (Casual)
30 June, 2012 (PDF 23KB)  (Academic & Professional)


Salary Scales (including SA Oncosts)

12 July, 2014 (with Oncosts) (PDF 63KB) (Academic/Professional)

29 June, 2013 (with Oncosts) (PDF 63KB) (Academic/Professional)

30 June, 2012 (with Oncosts) (PDF 29KB) (Academic/Professional)


Clinical Loadings

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Responsibility Loadings

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Professional Staff Allowances

View the Professional Staff Allowances