Click on the links to download the salary scales for the following EA increases.

To determine the correct Oncost charges for Casuals, Fixed-Term and Continuing appointments, please refer to Oncost Patterns.


Salary and Oncost Calculator (SA only)

To assist with calculating salary and oncosts the following calculator has been provided for your use. The calculator may be used to calculate costs for staff working in other states, however please be aware the oncost rates will vary.

Salary and Oncost Calculator (XLSM 215KB)

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Salary Scales

Future Rates

8 July, 2017 (25% Loading) (PDF 20KB) (Casual)
8 July, 2017 (PDF 33KB) (Academic & Professional)

9 July, 2016 (25% Loading) (PDF 20KB) (Casual)
9 July, 2016 (PDF 33KB) (Academic & Professional)

Current Rates

11 July, 2015 (25% Loading) (PDF 17KB) (Casual)
11 July, 2015 (PDF 23KB) (Academic & Professional)

Past Rates

12 July, 2014 (25% Loading) (PDF 20KB) (Casual)
12 July, 2014 (PDF 33KB) (Academic & Professional)

29 June, 2013 (25% Loading) (PDF 19KB) (Casual)
29 June, 2013 (PDF 23KB) (Academic & Professional)


Salary Scales (including SA Oncosts)

8 July, 2017 (with Oncosts) (PDF 63KB) (Academic/Professional)

9 July, 2016 (with Oncosts) (PDF 63KB) (Academic/Professional)

11 July, 2015 (with Oncosts) (PDF 38KB) (Academic/Professional)

12 July, 2014 (with Oncosts) (PDF 63KB) (Academic/Professional)

29 June, 2013 (with Oncosts) (PDF 63KB) (Academic/Professional)


Clinical Loadings

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Responsibility Loadings

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Professional Staff Allowances

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