Superannuation Guarantee Legislation (SGC) requires your employer pay a minimum of 9.5% of your "ordinary time earnings" into a complying superannuation fund.

UniSuper Limited

UniSuper is the fund used at Flinders University.  There is a significant amount of information on their web site.

Accounts within UniSuper

Contracted staff will have contributions made to either:

Contracted staff with a term of 2 years or greater, with an employment fraction of 50% or greater, would generally be eligible to join the Defined Benefit Division/Accumulation 2.  All other staff including casual and casual academic employees will have their SGC paid into an Accumulation1 account.

Member Online

UniSuper offer "Member Online" to keep track of members super and make account changes online.  Login and Registration can be found on the UniSuper home page.

Accessing Superannuation information is now managed by UniSuper, your Superannaution Fund.  There are three tiers of support provided by UniSuper:

Member Helpline

  • Call 1800 331 685
  • Please call this number for routine enquiries

On-Campus Consultant

Melanie Carvill is on-campus to provide free general advice, including

  • Provide information about your UniSuper membership
  • Explain how to set up access to your UniSuper account online
  • Help you understand super contributions and caps
  • Give general information about UniSuper’s products and services
  • Help answer general questions about UniSuper forms or paper work

For more information, including how to book a time to see Melanie, go to:

On-campus Advisor

Your on-campus advisor can provide tailored advice to help you with your investment strategy, retirement planning, managing your debt and more.  This on a fee for service basis.

For more information, including how to book a time, go to:


Once you have discussed your superannuation with one of the options above and wish to make changes to your Superannuation payments, please email

Contact Details 


Helpline: 1800 331 685

Financial advice: 1300 331 685


Helpline: 1300 369 315